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  • Stanisław Cierpisz

    Stanisław Cierpisz

Profesor, pracownik na umowę-zlecenie

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Prof. S. Cierpisz was born in 1939 in Lwow, Poland. Graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department (Silesian University of Technology) in 1961. In 1961 he joined the Central Mining Institute in Katowice (1961-69), then the Design Bureau (coal preparation plants) "Separator" (1970-75), the R&D Center for Process Control in Mining "EMAG" (1975-1983) and the Silesian University of Technology (from 1983).

PhD (1968) at the Faculty of Process Control (Silesian University of Technology). Thesis: "Analysis and synthesis of control systems with nuclear meters"
DSc (1979) at the Faculty of Mining (Silesian University of Technology). Thesis: " Stabilization of ash and moisture contents in coal blending processes".


  • UN stipend - National Coal Board-United Kongdom (1969-70) - process control in coal preparation plants, 
  • ACTIM stipend - Cerchar - France - process control in mining (1 month in 1974), 
  • Fulbright-Hays scholarship - US Bureau of Mines - USA, Pa (1975-76) - process control in coal preparation plants,
  • Guest Speaker - Institution of Electrical Engineers -Australia (1985).

Prof. Cierpisz has published over 150 scientific papers, 1 book on process control in coal preparation plants, promoted 3 PhD thesis, reviewed 17 PhD and 8 DSc thesis.

For many years he was a consultant affiliated with KOPEX Foreign Trade Office in: China (1974, 1977, 1983), India (1979. 1983), Republic of South Africa (1990-1991).


  • Mining Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 
  • Scientific Council of R&D Centre EMAG ,
  • IFAC Technical Committee (Working Group on Mineral and Metal Processing (1987-89),
  • Coal Preparation Editorial Board (University of Vancouver) (from 1988), - Editorial Board of Mechanization & Automation in Mining

Recent papers:

  • Computer simulation of heavy media process control systems. MiAG (Mechanization&Automation in Mining (Katowice, Poland) no 6-7, 1997.
  • Method of determination of optimal separation parameters in coal preparation processes. MiAG, no 6-7, 1997.
  • Computer dispatching systems in coal preparation plants. MiAG no 10, 1997.
  • Computer simulation of complex control systems in coal preparation plants. Conference APPMW, Szczyrk, Poland, 1997.

From 1997 to 2009 Prof. Cierpisz was the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Process Control in Mining at the Silesian University of Technology (Faculty of Mining and Geology). He is also the President of MINTECH Company ( designing, installing and comissioning of control systems in mines).

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